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 "I think every dog deserves some Helen time   in their lives" 
 Alison and Rocky  
From basic obedience to behaviour problem solutions, I provide a vet recommended service for you and your dog, in and around Kent, and across the country
Helen Masters

American XL Bully Owners

With the Government plans to ban XL bullies and discussions as to what bully types will be on the banned list, Helen would like to help the responsible bully and bully type owners ready themselves to successfully complete the application of exemption. This can be in the form of 1:1 sessions or a class just for bullies and bully types in accordance with the Kennel Club Good Citizen Scheme. Please contact us to find out more.

Large Breed
Psychological and Behavioural Problems
Rehabilitation and Mentoring

Helen prides herself on being able to work with every dog, small to large. Her own experience with her English Mastiffs has made her particularly knowledgeable in training large breeds.

With qualifications from the Cambridge Institute of Dog Behaviour and Training, Helen Masters is equipped with the knowledge to tend to your dogs psychological and behavioural needs. 

Utilising her own Kent based pack, Helen and her team can rehabilitate your pet using a social and calming setting around other dogs. This approach helps with socialisation and general behaviour.

Helen Masters dog training team is able to work with you and your dog to create a personalised programme to train or rehabilitate your beloved pet. Helen believes in rewarding dogs for good behaviour and her training focuses on a positive approach.

Helen can come and visit you on a 1:1 basis in your own home to review and help your dog in their usual surroundings. This allows owners and their pets to train and learn in the comfort of their own home for those in Kent and around the South East. 

It's important to look after your dog inside and out and Helen is able to suggest the best nutritional needs and diet for your pet. 85% of behavioural issues are food related!

Whatever the circumstances surrounding your dog's behaviour, Helen Masters can work with you and your pet to rehabilitate them. She believes in a kind and understanding approach to training dogs whatever their needs. 

Helen offers training for all levels of dogs, from puppies through to advanced, incorporating the Good Citizens Dog Scheme. Scheduled classes are held in and around Smarden. Why not book your dog in for some group training, great for a more social approach to dog training.

Helen offers intense residential training over a period of one to two weeks, for dogs from all over the country. Any level of problem is dealt with, from red cases to pure bad manners. Contact us for a price, which will be dependent on the individual dogs needs.

Helen often puts on unique and bespoke workshops to further expand the opportunities available for training your dog and an excuse to get all the family involved!

The Helen Masters Academy Stage 1 Behaviour course for prospective dog trainers or behaviourists is now open!

Contact us for more info or to book.

Saturday 14th & Sunday 15th October - Reactive Workshop. See Helen's Facebook page or Contact us for more info. 

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