Helen has qualifications from the British Institute of Professional Dog Trainers and the Kennel Club. Her behavioural work is accredited by the Cambridge Institute of Dog Behaviour. She has countless testimonials about the quality of her work and truly believes in what she does. 


Helen's work comes vet approved as well as fully certified. 

Helen Masters is more than just a dog behaviourist and trainer. She has a real passion for all animals and has the necessary qualifications to help you and your pet. 

Helen has a passion for all animals and when she's not working with dogs, she can be found taking part of cross country and show jumping with her horses. She is a talented rider and likes to compete when she can.

If this wasn't enough dedication to animals, she even looks after 3 donkeys and two horses at a friend's home!

Other Animals

Helen's lives on her own farm and alongside looking after her dogs she also cares for chickens and 2 Shetland ponies. Helen likes to help rehabilitate dogs in this environment and her clients often visit her home to work with her there. She does all this is on top of caring for two cheeky monkeys, her sons Harry and George!

Her Farm Home

Helen on Merls

Helen show jumping


Helen training

Helen with Mastiffs