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Helen has a fantastic team ready to help you on your journey to training your pet. 
Gina Burton
Helen and G Bird.jpg

For most of you Gina will be the first person you speak to. She is the heartbeat of Masterclass now and effectively runs the show, leaving Helen to do what she's good at, which is training and behavioural work.


Gina will organise all appointments, puppy classes, Helens diary and Masterclass events. The business has grown so much that Helen couldn’t do what she does without her.


Gina also assists with the social days, day training and all events. Sometimes Gina and Helen bicker like an old married couple and she’s the most clumsiest person; she falls over on a regular basis, much to Helen's distinct amusement! Because of this Gina is also called turtle, or GTB (Gina Turtle Burton), as when she goes down she looks like a turtle stuck spinning on its shell! Helen wouldn’t be without her. She also has the most ridiculous laugh.

Claire Helesfay
Claire is the owner of Claires Doggy Daycare based in Headcorn, which is also featured in recommendations section. She is a valuable member of the team who takes dogs that have been trained by Helen so that they may continue to work on their social skills around the dogs in Claires daycare.
Claires Doggy Daycare.jpg
me and bob.jpg
Shelley Hamblett

Shelley is a member of the team who is responsible for HR and updates all the social media, and is on hand to help out with the dogs when needed. She has one of Mavis' sons, Bob, and both of them love spending time with all the other dogs. 

Kate Ball

Kate is a member of the team in that she covers obedience classes for Helen from time to time. Kate is very knowledgeable and loves the dogs.


Kate is actually featured in my recommendation section as a dog groomer. She has 3 dogs.  A boxer called Clifford and two bulldogs called Olive (or Boilbag as Helen calls her) and Rubble.  

You can see Kate with these three gorgeous bundles to the right.

George & Harry

Helen's team really is a family affair and although they aren't officially on the books, her two sons love helping to care and train with their mum. Helen has passed on her love of animals to the two boys. They are confident around dogs and that really helps the dogs to learn to be part of a family environment. 

George and Harry are handlers in the making!

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