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Neville the 



The ultimate gentle giant, a trouble maker and a social media legend. Meet Helen's big helper, Neville the Mastiff. 

Neville is a naughty but wonderful English Mastiff who goes on a lot of adventures with Helen. He helps show people that large breeds are not bad dogs and can be as loving and rewarding as any size dog.  

Social Media

Neville loves being online and you can see his Facebook page or his Instagram feed. He gets up to all sorts of adventures as the leader of Helen's  Mentor Dogs. He loves posing for pictures and causing his mum mischief. 


He loves helping the other dogs to rehabilitate and socialise. Neville has helped Helen become a large breed specialist and is one of many English Mastiffs she has owned. 


He is gorgeous and he knows it! Neville isn't afraid to get in front of the camera.

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