Helen Masters has built up a team of stand-out dogs who are perfect for teaching socialisation and other behaviour issues. They also like to pop up on Nev's social media with their adventures around Biddenden, Kent and beyond. 
Maddy (Moo)

Moo is an Irish Terrier and has been with Helen from 10 weeks old. She has also attended Helen's obedience classes. Moo is the boss of the pack. She is an intuitive sweet little girl and mother to Helen's Irish terrier Doris. Moo is wonderful with all the puppies and mothers them. She is phenomenal with nervy timid dogs and dogs that are so shut down from trauma they have no idea what to do.  Moo will just lay by them and protect them from the nosey dogs and they gradually gain confidence.


Moo is very balanced and has none of the terrier tendencies, which most people would associate with the breed. This is because from day one she has been taught what is acceptable behaviour and what isn’t. Helen uses Moo a lot in pack work as her recall is fantastic, she has a very playful, friendly yet balanced nature, which is brilliant for bringing nervous and shy dogs out of their shell and getting them to socialise and behave like a dog.



Reg is a ridgeback a total clown as you will see from his photos.  He is the best friend of Helen's son, Harry, and they adore each other.  Reggie's role in the pack is that of head boy and he commands respect he is very tolerant and very playful with all dogs but will tell them off if they are rude but in the right way and is not aggressive.  


He is a sensitive boy too, extremely loyal; and loves nothing more than snuggles on the sofa at the end of the work day.


Doris has many nicknames such as Dotty grotty, ginger ninja or snotbags. She is a sweet girl and adores people and kids,  However, she is aloof around all other dogs unless she's known them from the word go.  Doris is highly intelligent and after taking her to my puppy classes to watch and socialise Helen decided to see what she could do, and it turns out all of it! She even did a 'send-away' and a drop from recall without any prior training. Everyone that meets Doris is always blown away by her eyelashes. they once measured 5 inches!!!


After Helen lost her first Mastiff, Boo, she got Mavis (also known as Mav). Mav couldn't be more different from Boo in that she is the ultimate guard dog. Although nowhere near Boo's size, (she's a mere 70kgs), she is turning into a beautiful well-rounded girl. She is extremely obedient which is almost unheard of in mastiffs and loves nothing more than her tummy rubbed!


Mav can run like a gazelle and will quite often pop a jump after the horses!

Ollie (Norman)

Ollie is a Springer Spaniel and belongs to Graham and Jackie Garrett who own the Westhouse Restaurant in Biddenden. Ollie (affectionately known as (Stormin') Norman to Helen because he once took out Helen's catflap!) has not been without his issues, with a case of separation anxiety and howling when left upstairs, not great for business as you can imagine!  He has been through Helen's separation anxiety programme and is now part of The Pack. 

Ollie’s role within the pack is mainly that of teaching dogs how to explore and use their noses. Ollie is trained to work to the gun and flush things out which is all he does when out walking. He is amazing at scent and has even found lost mobile phones 3 fields away!

Ollie is very non-invasive when he meets other dogs and this is particularly helpful with shy dogs as Ollie's calm approach to friendship draws them out of their shell.


Ollie’s favourite things are being out with the pack, swimming (hilarious to watch as he belly flops in and then his docked tail acts like a mini propeller), tennis balls and sticks.


Butty is a minature labradoodle and came to Helen initially as she was timid a bit naughty but would run away as she used to get very overwhelmed.  


Butty has been with Helen Masters from the very start of the business and is now a fantastic dog and very obedient.  Butty's main role is coupling training and she is the best dog out the whole pack at this.  


Boycie (Boo)

Boo passed away in July 2014, but has had a massive influence on The Pack as the original leader. 


He belonged to Helen and was a 14st English Mastiff with the softest heart, he is why she fell in love with the breed. 

Helen Masters had Boo since he was 8 weeks old and he was absolutely pivitol to the business particularly as he never growled, reacted or retaliated to whatever he was faced with.  He helped so many nervous aggressive dogs and he left some big (98kg) boots to fill.


Helen used Boo with rescue dogs or dogs with issues, particularly those that had nervous aggression, dog aggression or who generally just don’t know how to be a dog. Boo was Helen's inspiration for putting together a pack, and he was a wonderful gentle giant.