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Lead From the Helm


It's fair to say it's taken a few years to put this dream into action.


I was lucky enough to meet Claire Stuchbury through work and rehabbing her Tibetan Terrier, Chance. It turned out Claire is an incredibly talented seamstress. I talked through my idea with her and she made a prototype and "voila" here we are today!

I wanted a harness that did several things; stops pulling, but really does stop it and not just a marketing ploy. I wanted it simple to put on without needing a degree and loads of fiddling about. I didn’t want it to look like a saddle or restrict the shoulder, I also wanted it to fit to shape and size with plenty of scope for adjusting. All dogs are shaped differently, even if they are the same breed. This is an important aspect of the harness, as other harnesses come in small, medium, large etc and slip and slide about, making it easier for a dog to back out of if scared or playing up.


Since the first prototype we have made several changes to the harness, through feedback from clients. We are now at the stage where we think we have finally cracked it! They come in a weight ratio and we try to get your dog in a harness that will last a lifetime. The harness is robust and soft at the same time. My Mastiffs have given it a good workout and if 110.34kg of Neville cant pull or break it, I think we are pretty much there! 


We will shortly be putting the harness on site to buy, as well as on the Facebook page. They have proved very popular with my clients and Claire cant make them fast enough! Hopefully she will soon have an assistant to help her in this.

Helen Masters

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