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Success Stories

Celebrating the people and dogs whose lives have been transformed through Helen's work. 

"Very rarely one has the privilege of meeting a true genius in whatever field one chooses. One such is Helen Masters who totally changed my life from one of despair to one of light at the end of the tunnel with regard to making life tolerable and, subsequently, pleasurable as the owner of a German Shepherd dog. 

Helen’s dog psychology is unsurpassed and her confidence supreme, both qualities that dogs recognise and act upon. With her plain-speaking control of a pack of dogs of all ages, breeds and sexes, my German Shepherd has become a joy to own having attended her pack day and puppy classes. 

I cannot recommend her skills in all matters canine highly enough and I have the greatest confidence in and respect for her uncanny ability to train dogs."

 Lady Shelagh Montague-Browne

"We went to Helen because she was the trainer who had the necessary experience of our particular breed of puppy, an Italian Spinone. From the outset she clearly knew exactly what was required for and of a 12 week old puppy of this breed. Through the weekly classes Helen helped us to train our dog and has subsequently supported and guided us throughout the ensuing period. Our dog is nearly 2 years old and a credit to her skill and training methods."



 Linda and Harvey Mason and Evie


"I want to thank you for helping us to train Sophie, our two year old cocker spaniel.


Sophie is a lively, energetic dog. Before we started with you she would run away when walking in the fields, finding her way through any hole or gap in fences and just ignoring our calls to return. It was no fun going for a walk with her if we let her off the leash. When visitors arrived at our house she jumped all over them and was, in your words, outright rude. Our sons did not really want us to take her to their houses. Now less than 1 year later Sophie comes back when called, in fact often she comes back of her own accord for a fuss before running off again. She does not jump up at visitors and our families and friends have all said how well behaved she is now. She is still lively and energetic, charges round fields, likes to welcome visitors and go to other houses but she behaves well. Now she can also do sits, stays, downs and aways. The formal training has definitely strengthened the bond we have with her. Also we all enjoy our Thursday night training, it is fun for both the handlers – who need training as much as, or more than, the dogs -  and the four legged friends.


We could never have achieved this without your instruction and help.

We keep coming now not just for the training but because we enjoy ourselves."



Andrea and Clive Reading

"I first met Helen about eighteen months ago when I was looking for training classes for our new Golden Retriever puppy Rocky. Although I have had dogs all my life, and prided myself  in teaching them to become well mannered and obedient family pets, I was struggling with our new arrival. He lacked self control and was very dominant.


We first attended Helen’s training classes once a week, and then Rocky started to attend Helen’s pack days. I liked Helen’s straight forward approach and soon Rocky and I were starting to build a strong and respectful relationship. Helen gave me the confidence and training tools to be able to handle Rocky and bring out the best in him. He is growing into an intelligent, loyal, loving and trustworthy pet with bags of personality and bounce. Rocky and I owe Helen a huge thank-you for making our relationship so positive for both of us.


Rocky adores Helen and looks forward to his pack days, so he can spend quality time with his doggy friends. I think every dog deserves some Helen time in their lives so that they can get the best out of their Human and dog friends."

 Alison and Rocky


"Willow (CKCS) and I have attended Helen’s classes for over a year. I would thoroughly recommend them to anyone – either with a puppy or an adult which needs to learn how to behave.


The classes are great fun – a chance for the dogs to socialise, and a chance for us to learn how to train our dogs.

Helen is very thorough in her training, and has high expectations of her classes. She mixes this with a good dose of humour – with the result that the classes are very enjoyable.


What is more, you will end up with a socially acceptable and well behaved pet."



 Fiona Kenward

"Helen has an excellent rapport with both dogs and their owners. She gives well planned and organised lessons with clear instructions and good follow-up. All of this is combined with an infectious sense of humour.

I have no hesitation at all in recommending her to anyone with either a new puppy or a dog with whom they are experiencing problems. Dogs and their owners can only benefit from her advice."



Jennifer Andrews

maddie and reg.jpg

"Kent's very own 'Dog Whisperer' - Helen Masters

I discovered Helen through my neighbour when I was planning the arrival of Maddy, my Irish terrier puppy. I was relieved & surprised to meet this lovely, down to earth fellow Northerner who has an amazing affinity with man & woman's best friend. I was looking for puppy training classes but in addition I needed weekly dog care too.
I was thrilled to meet Helen who could offer both.


After seven months, Maddy has developed into a lovely, well mannered & obedient dog (well most of the time).  This is totally down to the training and direction Helen has provided.  Helen adores Maddy but equally they have built a relationship around trust and respect. Helen has a wonderful assistant Boo (English Mastiff) who has also been instrumental to Maddy's development.

In addition, Helen's weekly classes are a great way of socializing with other dogs & their owners and Helen's teaching approach is fun and easy to understand for both dog & more importantly the owner!

We are so lucky to have found Helen, she is just brilliant. "


Fran Ellis

"My daughter had a Cocker Spaniel puppy for her 13th birthday – naturally she was madly in love with him and could not tell him off without suffering pain and guilt.


Helen’s down to earth teaching, with humour and easy explanations in puppy behaviour, gave Bethany the confidence to tell Jasper exactly what she wanted him to do. It gave her more confidence with our older dogs who obey her now and Jasper remains very much her own dog, looking to Bethany first for guidance.


The other members of the class, both dog and human have been great fun and as a spectator I have really enjoyed the classes. As a participant Bethany has thrived under Helen’s guidance and the relaxed cheerful atmosphere.

We had a very rewarding experience – still have a loony Cocker but he does sometimes do as asked and comes back when called. Helen took the pain out of the whole training business and Jasper especially had a great time."


Lisa, Bethany and Jasper Nolly

"I chose Helen’s classes due to her Giant Breed specialism –   I had a 15 month old Leonberger who had missed out on 6 months socialising when I broke my leg – he needed confidence to resume his successful show dog career. After 2 weeks of classes he was dragging me into the hall instead of the other way round.  He is a different dog now – happy, confident and even more handsome - he went on to win his class at Crufts’11 and has now qualified for that show for life. He still goes to class sometimes to brush up on his obedience skills, but now takes turns with my other dogs who also love going to keep their brains active.


I have 6 Leonbergers and they all adore Helen, they all weigh more than she does but her calm approach means they react well to her and behave impeccably. Helen’s sense of humour makes all the difference to the learning experience, as someone who trains judges etc I can really appreciate her expertise and approach."



Sarah Sevastopulo

"I have been attending the dog training classes given by Helen at the village hall in Biddenden for about nine months with my English Bull Terriers Pagen, Casper and Wizz. As you know this breed is well known for being stubborn but Helen has persevered. I have found that they have responded well to the training given by her and have come along in leaps and bounds.

We have done heel work, sits, stays, recalls and off lead work. We are very happy with the level of training that we have received and would highly recommend her to any of our doggy friends.

We have found that Helen is very friendly and extremely helpful outside of classes, she has always been on the other end of the phone if I ever had a problem."



Elizabeth Coleman

"Jock is a 3 year old West Highland Terrier, that we adopted from the Westie Rescue Scheme. He seemed absolutely fine, very well house trained and so on, and no outward physical signs of having had problems in the past, although he had been re-homed twice already. The problem came when we introduced him to other people, and particularly other dogs. He was aggressive, barking and snapping, and generally vile! I contacted Helen and explained the situation, who said there was no such thing as a bad dog, just a dog that had not had the proper training. She also totally understood that because of his background, he quite possibly had other issues that were affecting his behaviour to other dogs and people generally. My daughter was 11 at the time, so I could not have an aggressive dog in the house, but I was not prepared to give up on him.


The first time I took him to Helen’s class, he barked for the entire hour he was there, and could not be trusted to walk past anyone’s dog without snapping at them. Letting him off the lead was out of the question! I was mortified, and thought I couldn’t possibly take him back again as he was so disruptive. Helen refused to let him get the better of her, and with commendable perseverance, she managed to get him through that first traumatic hour! Each time we went, Jock improved, and the classes became something to look forward to, rather than dread.


Now, after attending the classes regularly, and then weekly one on one sessions for the last year, with Helen and other dogs that she trains, Jock is a pleasure to take out, and a totally different dog. He is good with all the other dogs, thanks in no small part to the amazing temperament and patience of Boycie, Helen’s long suffering, gorgeous English Mastiff, he responds to commands, and most importantly, he doesn’t seem to hate everyone and everything any more. The aggression, was based on fear, and with Helen’s calm and patient attitude, he has finally overcome that fear, though we will never know what caused the fear in the first place. I would not hesitate to recommend Helen to anyone who needs help with their dogs, whether it be training a puppy, or taming a mad Westie!"



 Amanda Buckingham

"Marty was an out of control hooligan when we took him to Helen. 

He was 3 years old and his behaviour had got gradually worse to the extent that we were embarrassed to take him out. 

He was aggressive and attacked other dogs seemingly for no reason. On the lead he would scream and bark while pulling and tugging in all directions. We could never let him off the lead because he would run for the hills, causing havoc on his way to the nearest road. He wasn't much better around the home, growling at us and jumping up at visitors.

We were bewildered by his behaviour as we had dogs for many years and none that behaved like Marty.

Luckily for us we found Helen and after talking to her on the phone I felt very relieved and hopeful that she could help Marty. He went to stay with Helen and her pack for 3 weeks where she found out that he was a very insecure little dog. Helen helped him overcome all of his problems. She really is a miracle worker and we now have a calm, confident very well behaved dog who to my amazement can be let off the lead in open spaces. Helen has transformed Marty's life and we are so pleased that he can now be a happy dog."



Tonia Evans 


"5* and then some!! What can I say other than she has transformed our dog! We will forever be so grateful!

Our beautiful Vizla went to stay with Helen for a period of two weeks as a residential program. She was welcomed into the family with open arms and communication with us was daily. We travelled from afar to seek Helen's professional training because we just could not get the help we needed locally. We are a busy family of five + our lovely Vizla. Family life is complicated & challenging and the dogs behaviour meant a mum of three was even more stressed out! I wasnt able to walk my dog becauser of her behaviour and how other dog walkers treated us. And really was at the end of the road. I was only able to walk her in one place & at certain times to avoid people & dogs & comments!!! Stressful & not fun for me or the dogs! My children, especially my four year old adore the dog & would have been heartbroken to lose her to another family - along comes Helen!! We are now able to go anyplace we like for a walk, she's calmer in the house, she's calmer out & about, follows commands (although I'm still working on my training, I'm trying my best to channel my inner Helen!!) and genreally seems so much happier!

I would highly recommend Masterclass Dog Training. Helen cares so much for the dogs & the support after my dogs stay has been invaluable! Patients, kind & amazing!"

Laura Frost

"I have a 7 month old Doberman x Doberman GSD who was nervous and reactive. After a residential stay, where she was thoroughly pampered as well as worked, she is now a calmer and more confident girl. Helen has helped me to understand her unique personality and taught me how to carry on with the training. If you are thinking of seeking Helens help for whatever reason, I couldn't recommend her highly enough."

Katie Hayley

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