Dog Training


With many years experience, Helen Masters works with a wide range of dog behavioural problems from nervousness, depression, non-socialisation and separation anxiety. 


Helen starts all her training with a consultation to assess your dog's needs. 

During training and rehabilitation, a dog in the care of Helen or her team can expect an initital two hour session with the appropriate dogs from The Pack. Helen uses this time to assess your dog and create a bespoke training programme. This is then usually followd by an hour intense session and another 40 minute 1:1 where your pet has to show all they have learned without the help of other dogs.


Helen offers this service on Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays. Spaces are limited so please get in touch to enquire about availability.

Training & Rehabilitation

Helen offers personal training to any who needs help with any problem relating to their dog, or just general advice and obedience training if they are not able to attend classes.


These one to one sessions are a great opportunity to have your dogs unique needs addressed in your own home.


Private Work

Helen has found, through her wealth of experience, that many behaviour and skin problems occur as a result of diet.  Helen is an advocate of the BARF (bones and raw food) diet, having swapped her English Mastiff over to this some years ago. The improvement in his overall health, fitness, muscle tone and wellbeing is testament to the diet, along with the money saving factor! Helen can happily discuss nutritional issues with clients and create a personalised plan which is unique to each dog and their needs.


You should never go against your veterinary surgeon's advice if your dog has health issues relating to kidneys or any other problem, without consulting them first.

Rescue & Rehabilitation

Helen has worked with numerous dogs in Kent over the last few years, with various problems ranging from nervous aggression, non-socialisation and separation anxiety to name a few! No two dogs are ever the same and there is no set method for any one problem.

I like to have a consultation and meet the dog before a plan of action is put in to place. This can be anything from intensive one on one with the owner, getting the dog out in social situations or working with The Pack to overcome any dog related issues.


Even Helen's son George is a budding junior handler! (photo with Boo)

Residential Training

Helen Masters Dog Training now offers residential training and is for dogs with severe problems as well as those owners who want them to have an intensive behaviour and obedience course. Their dogs can be left in Helen's care. 


Spaces are limited with only 4 residentials at a time to stay, but this is subject to the specific issues of the group.


Price available on request, please use the contact form below.

One-off Workshops

From time to time Helen Masters runs one off dog training workshops, such as children's summer training camps, or Summer Special Training days. 

The best place to keep up to date with these is on Helen Masters Dog Training's Facebook page


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Release form

Those attending classes are required to print and sign a release form.

Please download it here.